When Betflik11 we look at the last 10 years we see that the Online Casino industry made a huge jump. Every month we see new online casinos opening up. Every year we see new game suppliers entering the industry. Online casinos can add more and more casino games to the casino. And the revenues in the online gambling industry are increasing every year. Online Casinos are getting better every year. They are more professional and the regulations are also much better now.

Most online casinos are legit and they offer a great product. They have things under control and they give you a safe and fun place to play online casino games. At the reliable online casinos you can play with real money and you know that your money is safe.

But there are still a few things that need to be changed at online casinos. Online casinos are doing a few things wrong in my opinion. And I do not think this is necessary. A few things that need to be arranged better for players. Players are getting more mature and I think the industry must get more mature also. A few examples are: unreliable bonus terms, transaction fees, maximum payout limits and limited information.

On this page I am going to give you my 10 things that need to change at online casinos

10 things that need to change at online casinos
1. Spam emails and text messages
A lot of companies across the world buy big email databases. When your email address is in one of those lists you have a problem. You will receive loads of Spam messages from companies with advertisement. Always try to keep your email address private. Only communicate your email address with friends or family. Or make a second email adress you want to use for newsletters and online shopping. Once your email address is in the hands of big emailers it is hard to unsubscribe yourself.

Online Casinos also buy these email addresses from the mail companies. Or the mail companies sent you casino advertisement. We don’t want to receive this kind of SPAM. When a casino sents me SPAM i have a bad feeling about this casino and I will never join this casino.

A few online Casinos also buy lists with mobile phone numbers. When a casino or a marketing office has your mobile number you can receive casino offers by text message. This is very annoying and we delete the messages directly. An online casino gets a bad name when it sents stuff like this.

2. Unfair and unreliable bonus terms
We understand that online casinos have bonus terms and conditions. In the online casino industry there are players called “bonus hunters”. Bonus hunters are looking for the best bonuses and they try to win money with them. They read the bonus terms and they see if they can find a hole in the terms. When they find it, they try to play through the bonus and win free money. Online casinos try to avoid this hunting. And with terms and conditions on the bonuses they try to avoid losing money on the bonuses. An online casino needs bonus terms else they will get bankrupt.

In the past, online casinos lost a lot of money because of the smart bonus hunters. And that is why the casinos have stricter bonus terms at the moment. I don’t think it is wrong to have strict terms and conditions. But it is wrong to have unfair terms.

A few terms on bonuses are

Wagering requirements on the bonus money or free spins winnings
Maximum bet at a video slot game
Restrictions on certain games (table games often do not count in the bonus terms)
Maximum payout on a certain bonus or on free spins
Play the bonus on selected games (when you change a game you lose your bonus money)

When you join an online casino it is very important to check the available bonus terms. There are online casinos that have wagering on the bonus money (25x) and when you look a bit further at the terms you see that you also need to wager your deposit amount (25x). So in total you need to wager 70 times before you can withdraw any of your money.

A few online casinos have weird terms that gives them the right to keep your money when they think you misbehaved at the casino. When you win and and they think you mislead the casino they can simply keep your money and deactivate your account.

It is smart to stay away from these casinos. And only play at casinos that offer you fair and realistic bonus terms. Here you find our top 10 recommended online casinos.

When you want to be 100% sure that there are no unfair bonus terms you should play without using any bonus. Simply deposit your money to a casino and don’t claim any of the available bonuses.

3. Progressive Jackpot Wins with low monthly payouts
It is almost impossible to win a Progressive jackpot. But when you win a progressive jackpot you will be one of the happiest persons on earth. On games like Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune and Major Millions you can win huge jackpots. Sometimes the jackpot is 5 million or higher. When you win a jackpot like this you are super happy and you will probably go totally crazy. You can now buy a new car, you can move to a bigger house or you can stop working.

You are super happy untill you see that the casino, where you won the jackpot, has a payout limit of €5.000 a month. And the casino does not make an exception for progressive jackpot winners. Of course it is still great that you won this jackpot. But a simple calculation makes things a bit more clear. When you won a 5 million euro jackpot and you can withdraw €5.000 a month you have to wait 1.000 months before you have all your money.

This is the calculation 5.000.000 / 5.000 = 1.000 months. And 1.000 months is over 83 years!!!! So it takes you 83 years to collect all your money. The casino already has this money because they receive the money from the game providers. In this case they receive the money from NetEnt or Microgaming. 83 Years is very long and probably you are not even going to stay alive for another 83 years. And there is also a big chance that the casino does not exists for another 83 years.

You can play Progressive jackpot Slots. But please only play them at online casinos without a maximum payout limit. There are enough online casinos that pay progressive jackpots in one time (LeoVegas and Dunder for example)

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