It lunaspins88 is everybody’s dream when he or she gets 18 years old. Once you get 18 years old you are permitted to enter a casino. And you can start playing casino games with real money. Everbody has high hopes of the first visit to a casino. Play roulette and hit some lucky numbers or get a lucky streak at the blackjack table. Walk out the casino with a win and some extra money. You feel like a king and you can give your friends an extra round of drinks. Not everybody is in the situation to visit a land-based casino. There is not always a casino nearby, or you don’t have any transport to visit the casino. Why not try an online casino? You only need an internet connection and a computer or a mobile phone. On this page I am going to explain you how to play online casino games. You find a step by step guide to get started at an online casino.

What is an online casino?
An online casino is a website or a mobile app where you can play casino games. With an internet connection you are able to register at a casino website. After you finished the registration you are able to play all kinds of online casino games. At the website of the online casino you find all games you also find in a regular land-based casino. You can play classic table games like roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat. And at the majority of online casinos you find over 500 different slot games. Online casinos offer you classic slot games and video slot games. The games at online casinos are powered by game suppliers because the games need to be regulated by international gambling authorities. Online casinos almost develop their own online casino games. They “rent” games from popular game suppliers which are regulated by the gambling authorities.

At an online casino you can play with “free play money” or you can deposit real money. You can deposit money from you credit card, bank account or from an E-Wallet. Within a few seconds your money is transferred to your casino account. And you can start playing directly. It is interesting to check out available casino bonuses before you deposit money at an online casino. With the welcome bonuses you can simply double or triple your first real money deposit. This is impossible when you visit a land-based casino. How to play online casino you can read in the upcoming paragraphs.

What do you need before you can play at an online casino?
Everybody on the world can open an online casino website. But not everybody is able to play at an online casino. There are a few restrictions and things you need to do before you can play online casino games. The following criteria are important to know before you can start playing at one of the many online casinos.

You must be 18 years or older
It is not possible to play at an online casino when you life in a restricted country. At every online casino you find a list with restricted countries
You must have a computer or a mobile device with an internet connection
At every online casino you need a casino account. You must register a casino account with your personal contact details
Do you have a bank account, credit card or an E-Wallet? You need this to transfer real money to the casino
Only play with money you can lose. Do not play with money you need for your daily life and living
how to play online casino
How to play online casino games?
Underneath you find an easy step by step method “how to play online casino games”. A bit further down I am going to explain all the steps in detail. And I am also going to give you a few vital tips when you start playing online casino games. A few tips to increase your winning chances. When you follow the underneath steps you are up and running at an online casino within a few minutes.

Choose a reliable and safe online casino from our website (or in underneath table)
Register a free casino account. Follow the sign up steps at the casino
Verify your account by clicking the verification link in your email
Login to the casino on the casino website
Navigate a bit through the casino
Play a few games in “free play” mode
Check if there is a welcome bonus available
Visit the banking or cashier section of the casino and transfer money to the casino
Claim your welcome bonus when you are interested
Play your favorite games or try new games
Cash out your winnings
Use reload bonuses and keep an eye on interesting promotions
Choose a reliable online casino
Before you start playing online casino games it is important to choose a casino. When you search on google, you find hundreds of different online casinos. Some of them are super unreliable and some of them have horrible terms and conditions. We recommend to stay away from those casinos. We recommend you to play at the reliable casinos we selected on our website. When you play at the reliable online casinos you can be sure that your money is safe. And that you receive a player friendly treatment. In the underneath table we selected our favorite online casinos. All the casinos in this table giove you the best online casino experience.

Choose one or two of the casinos in this table. Click the play button and we open the casino for you. When you want more casino information you can click on the review link in the table. In our reviews you find our full casino test report. And you can see how to play online casino games at the casino of your choice.

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