When Pgjazz you search the internet for online casinos you find hundreds of them. Every week we see new companies opening new online casinos. And they all offer different games, welcome bonuses and terms and conditions. It is very hard for you to find an online casino that fits your needs. We do the hard work for you and we review all the new online casinos. When a new casino is not reliable or legit we do not add that casino to our website. We also add free online casinos to our list of recommended casinos. On this page I am going to tell you a bit more about free online casinos. And I am going to recommend you a few online casinos where you can play with some free money.

What is a free online casino?
This question can be answered in a few different ways. We can look at online casinos with free entrance and registeration. Or we can have a closer look at casinos where you can play free casino games. We can even look at the casinos that offer free play money and free spins when you join them.

Let me start with the first one. Online casinos with free entrance and registration. Online it is very simple, we only play at online casinos with free registration. Why would you pay an entrance fee to join an online casino? 99% of all online casinos have free entrance. Don’t play at an online casino that asks an entrance fee. All the casinos you find on our website have free registration.

I think it is more important to look at the other 2 criteria. Does an online casino offers free games? And does the casino offer you free money or free spins to play a few real casino games? In the upcoming paragraphs I am going tell you all about these criteria.

Play free casino games at online casinos
When you visit the website of an online casino you see a portfolio of casino games. The games at the casino are supplied by different casino game companies. Those companies are specialised in creating and developing casino games. Online casinos don’t create their own games. They fill their casino website with games from the gaming companies. This is very important because the gaming companies are checked by the international gambling authorities. Every new games first needs to be checked by the authorities before online casinos can use it.

Games need to be fair and reliable before online casinos can use them in their casino. A few of the game suppliers (Like NetEnt, Microgaming, SG Interactive, Play’n Go) offer a free play mode in their games. When you open the game in free play mode you don’t need to deposit money to play. You receive an amount of free chips from the online casino. With the free chips you can try the game before you decide to play with real money. In the free play mode you can not win real money. The free play mode is perfect when you want to try a game before you use real money on the game.

When you don’t like the game it does not cost you any money to play it. In the free play mode you can change the bet amounts and you can try the bonus features. You see your free play money in the game and you can simply see if you would have won money when you had played with real money. In the underneath screen you see Raging Rhino video slot in free play mode. In the balance you see the 1.000 free play chips.

free online casinos and free casino games1.000 Free chips to play Raging Rhino video slot

Receive real money and play for free at an online casino
Playing free games is interesting but you can not win real money. When I talk or write about free online casinos I mean casinos that give free play money or free spins to new players. There are online casinos that offer a generous welcome bonus with an amount of free money or free spins. This is a way to convince you to join their casino. And it is a good way to convince you. An amount of free play money is a chance to play casino games and win real money. There is no need to play in free play mode. You can play in real money mode and use your free play money amount. When you like the casino and the games you can always decide to make a real money deposit after you used your free money.

The amount of money is different at online casinos. There are casinos that give you €5 free on registration or €10 free when you join them. A few casinos are very generous and give you up to €88 free play money. Our favorite casinos give you between €5 and €10 free when you join them.

Free online casinos – Casinos with €10 free play money on registration
Before I am going to tell you more about free online casinos I am going to give you a few interesting casinos with free play money. In the underneath table we selected the best online casinos that offer you €10 free cash when you join them. These casinos simply add €10 in your casino balance after you completed your registration. This is a reward for chosing their casino and not one of the other casinos on the internet.

I always recommend my friends, family and our website visitors to try a few free online casinos before you make a real money deposit at one of them. With the free play money you are able to explore a casino. And you can see if you like the available games and the welcome bonus. When you feel lucky at one of the casinos you can start making a first real money deposit.

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