Can I win real money at a free online casino?

When Naza24 you join a free online casino and you claim the free play money you can win real money. The money you receive from the casino is real money. With this money you can play a few of the available games. When you are lucky you hit a few nice wins. With this money you can continue playing at the casino or you can cash it out. There are bonus terms and conditions applied on the free money you receive. It is not possible to cash the money out straight after you received it from the casino. If this was possible the casino would go bankrupt within a few days because every player would sign up and cash the money out. Before you can cash the money out you need to play a few games and you must wager the money a certain times.

How can I cash out my free play money?
As mentioned in the last paragraph. It is not possible to cash out your free play money straight after you received it. At free online casinos you always need to wager (play through) your money a certain amount of times. Wagering is important for online casinos. When a casino gives you free money without wagering requirements you can withdraw this money directly. The casino will loose a lot of money to bonus hunters. And the casino will go bankrupt sooner than later.

Wagering requirements make it a bit harder for the player to cash out winnings. When you receive €10 free you must wager this money a certain times before you can withdraw it or the winnings you made with the money. The average wagering is between 25x and 50x the amount of money. When you receive €10 and you must wager 25x before you can withdraw the money you must play at least 10 x 25 = €250 on the casino games. When you play a video slot with €1,00 per spin you must spin 250 times before you can withdraw your money.

How much money can I cash out?
When you play at an online casino with your own real money there are no cash out limits. But when you play at an online casino with your free play money there could be maximum cash out limits. The majority of free online casinos has a maximum cash out on free money. The average maximum cash out is around €100. It is important to know the maximum cash out when you accepts free play money. We don’t want you to win thousands of Euros and only be able to cash out €100.

When you know the maximu cash out on your free play money you are prepared. At the moment you are lucky and you reach the maximum cash out amount you can withdraw your money. After you made the withdrawal you can deposit some money in your account and you can continue playing. There is no maximum cash out after you made a real money deposit.

Is it easy to withdraw money?
At online casinos you play with real money. And when you win you want to receive your money from the casino. At a land-based casino you simply visit the cashier and you collect your money. You receive cash from the cashier and you can take it with you. At an online casino you also visit the cashier. You can deposit money and you can withdraw money at the cashier. At reliable online casinos it is an easy step by step procedure.

Use your free play money or make a real money deposit
Play some games and try to win money
Open the cashier and request a withdrawal of your winnings
Verify your account and your bank account (send a copy of your Pasport and a proof of Address to the casino)
The casino transfers your winnings to your bank account
Within a few days you receive your money from the casino
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Why are there free online casinos on the internet?
there are hundreds of different online casinos. All the casinos have a different strategy to attract new players. Free online casinos are convinced that free play money and free games are the best way to attract new players. They use the free play money or the free spins to attract large amounts of players to their casino. Of course they are convinced that the new players like the casino. And that the new players start playing with real money after they used their free play money or free spins.

New players that start playing with real money are interesting for online casinos. For players that received some free money it is an easy step to continue playing at the casino. When a new player got lucky with the free money he will probably stay at the casino and continue playing online casino games. This makes sense because I would never leave a casino that brings me some luck and money.

There are free online casinos because casinos can give away free play money. Land-based casinos can not give their new visitors free play money. The new visitor would enter the casino, collect the free play money and leave the casino. This is very bad for the financial situation of a land-based casino. An online casino has wagering requirements on the bonuses. You can never withdraw your free play money straight after you received it. You must play a certain amount of games before you can withdraw your money.

Super interesting for new players
For new players it is very interesting to try a few free casinos. If you never played at an online casino before it could be a big step to join a casino and deposit real money. At the free casinos you can first try a few games and you can explore the casino before you deposit real money. It is a free chance to win some money and to play a few different games. With your free money you can get a feeling with the casino. You can see if you like the available games, the customer support and you can check if the casino is player friendly.

Try €5 Free at a few reliable online casinos
We made some deals with reliable online casinos. At the underneath casinos you can collect €5 free play money when you register a free account. This are exclusive deals and you only receive them when you join the casino through our website. Only visitors of receive €5 free play money at these casinos.

I recommend you to try a few of the casinos from the table. Play a few different games with your free play money and see if you get lucky. When you like one of the casinos you can decide to use one of the available welcome bonuses. All the casinos give you extra play money on top of the first real money deposit you make.

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