Anvil & Ore Slot Overview

Hard hats on, players, we’re marching underground with Games Global partner Alchemy Gaming to smash big rocks into smaller rocks in Anvil & Ore, a mining-themed online slot that showcases several Alchemy Gaming features. These include Echo Roll, Upsizer, Rolling Reels, win multipliers, and more. The studio may now resurrect previously packaged features.

Anvil & Ore is a slow, enticing hammer-and-tongs game set in the Earth’s depths. Alchemy Gaming likes to plunge below sea level, as shown in Echo Rolls and Aquanauts. Instead of murky oceans, players dig for treasures amid impenetrable rock, lava flows, and a fantastical atmosphere.

Instead of using a pick axe, players choose a wager from £/€0.30 to £/€42 every spin on this risky machine. When spinning, a 5×5 game grid yields 22.44% wins. The top 96.26% RTP model has this hit rate, although three lower return models are offered.

Players win when matching symbols land from the first reel left to right with 3,125 ways to win. Rolling Reels drops winning symbols from above to fill grid gaps. Pay symbols include metal fonted 10-A playing card royals as lows, hammers, shields, gemmed rocks, chests of nuggets, and character symbols as highs. Low payments for a 5 symbol winning manner are 0.67x to 0.93x the stake, while high pays are 1.17x to 2.5x. Wilds can replace any regular sign and pay double the highest premium.

Anvil & Ore Slot Features

Echo Roll, free spins, Upsizer, Upsizer Max, Upsizer Buy, free spins + free Upsizer Tokens, and bonus buy are the remaining Anvil & Ore features.

Echo Roll

The Echo Roll may reward another win after any win. Rolling Reels replace empty spots with low, high, or wild symbols.


Collection of Upsizer Coins occurs randomly in the main game. The Upsizer Trail shows that Collected Coins unlock greater modifiers during free spins. Upsizer Trail levels offer 6-12 free spins, x10, x20, or x50 max win multipliers, and 1 or 2 guaranteed Echo Rolls. 3 or more scatters in the base game receive 1 Upsizer Max Coin. Free spins with the maximum Upsizer Level are triggered by 5 Upsizer Max Coins.

Upgrade Buy

Before free spins begin, players may buy Upsizer components to improve the bonus round. Before committing, the cost is computed and shown on screen.

Free Upsizer Tokens + Spins

Three scatters in the base game produce 6–12 free spins based on the Upsizer Level. Extra scatters on the trigger spin reward 50 Upsizer Coins. Each scatter lands raises the amount of free spins by 1. Free spins provide a rising win multiplier. The win multiplier grows with each Rolling Reel roll and does not reset between spins, but the Upsizer Trail limits it. After the free spins feature, players spin the Upsizer Wheel for 10 to 150 Upsizer Coins.

Buy Bonus

Bonus buys have 2 choices. Players may either buy Upsizer Level or Max free spins or both. Use any Upsizer Coins to lower the cost.

Slot verdict: Anvil & Ore

Much of Anvil & Ore will seem familiar if you’ve been following Alchemy Gaming. The studio has often released Echo Rolls, Rolling Reels, and increasing multiplier free spins. Alchemy Gaming may have reworked the calculations for this one, making Anvil & Ore less of a do-or-die game. The test session showed Anvil & Ore to be more balanced and giving than previous games.

This effect may finally be due to Anvil & Ore’s lower max win. Where Aquanauts flashed a 50,000x top prize (we have yet to see it yield anything remotely close to the advertised potential), Anvil & Ore hammers that figure down to 5,000x the stake. It may deter players who like this style yet want to pursue massive potential. However, those who don’t want to risk as much may prefer the math model’s RTP management and win distribution.

Anvil & Ore is volatile, thus it may swing wildly like a pickaxe in the hands of a gold rush fever fanatic. Get lucky when the game is going well, and its Rolling Reels, win multiplier, and Echo Rolls might be spectacular. Though not as amazing as hitting a large vein of golden ore flowing through the earth like a dazzling snake, it’s nonetheless thrilling.

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